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Follow the Wise Guys – Have a Sportsbook for the Four Majors

The wise guys of the sports betting world know that having just one bookie is a mistake. In order to make money gambling you must have more than one online bookmaking service and you must make sure they specialize in the sport you want to bet. Having a separate bookie for MLB, NFL, NBA and the NHL is an absolute must. This broadens the scope of how you bet on each sport and what kind of lines and odds that will be presented to you from each bookie.

Pay Per Head Reviews – Pick the Right PPH Service

There are a few bookies that make up the difference and are all things to all people or in gambling terms; all things to all bettors. Find a great bookie that specializes in the four major sports and jump on board but find several of them. You need more than one and the NFL and college football seasons are right around the corner.


Whether you are looking for a “dime line” a .20 cent line or just a competitive line, find a bookie that loves baseball gamblers and one that caters to you. Baseball is the bread and butter for wise guys, they make a living off this sport and so can you. Look for a book that will help you beat them! They do exist. A few bookies out there actually have help sections that are dedicate to betting baseball. Learn about betting baseball and you can win a pile of money or you can continue making wild guesses when it comes to betting and it will take you to the poor house quick.


There are a few select bookies online that have great bonuses for football be sure to sign up with at least one of them. A great NFL bonus is worth taking simply because you can turn the rollover in one weekend. Think of all the ways that you can play, on the game of football. They are too numerous to list but a few of them would be, parlays, special parlays, teasers, special teasers, reverse action, round robins, buying points, first halves, second halves, quarters, live lines, dynamic lines, props and futures. Football is by far the most popular sport to bet on but one of the more difficult to call against the spread. Find a bookie that caters to American players and that has a great reputation for quick payouts.


Between the NCAA and the NBA, the season is always a barnburner and you can count on nonstop action from October to mid-June. The NBA is in the thick of the playoffs now and there are some great bookies that have competitive lines and odds. Find the best ones because a half a point here and a half a point there really means extra money in your pocket over the long haul.


The most important thing to look for when choosing a sportsbook for hockey would be prop bets. The wise guys love the props and it is a proven way to make money on the NHL, props such as period betting, and goalie betting. Knowing periods and how teams perform either late or early in the game can be a difference maker. Betting the third period is always a great idea, find the right bookie for this, there are not many so read the reviews closely.

Online Sports Books, Tips on Choosing

Betting is your hobby and it may even be your life. Betting is also an investment so you definitely want the best available. Don’t settle for less and have two or three books for the NHL. You want the competition of other bookies.