Betting On MLB Playoff Props

This is the best time of the year to bet on baseball with the start of the MBL Playoffs. With just a handful of games to bet on, you can really take the time to fine-tune your overall MLB betting strategy over the next few weeks. One highly lucrative option for maximizing your investment is to wager on any number of player or team props that most of the top online sportsbooks release in conjunction with the action on the field.

Some prop bet opportunities are based on an entire series such as the upcoming best-of-five divisional series followed by the best-of seven championship series in both the American and National League. The biggest opportunity to bet on any number of different team and player props over the course of the MLB Playoffs is with the World Series itself. The best course of action when it comes to betting on series props is to frequently check the MLB betting board at any of your favorite online sportsbooks. New betting opportunities are added on an almost daily basis and it is usually pretty easy to find something interesting to bet on.

The most common way to bet on props for the MLB Playoffs is on a game by game basis just like you may have done during the regular season. The best part about playoff baseball is that each and every game can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the entire series especially when it comes to a best-of-five affair.

The teams involved in any series matchup already have an extensive history of stats, facts and betting trends formed from previous meetings during the regular season, so you will have a wealth of information at your disposal when it comes to handicapping any of the player prop bet odds that are released. The trick is to combine past results with current form to come up with some reasonable predictions for future results. By studying the pitcher vs. batter duels that exist in any MLB game, you can best determine whether to bet on a prop for the over/under on a starter’s total strikeouts or to go with a particular batter’s prop for the over/under on their combined runs/hits/homeruns.

Team props for individual playoff games are another great way to add some more betting action to the action on the field. Team props can range from things such as which team scores first to total runs/hits/error for each side of a matchup. There is really no limit to how many different team props there can be for any given game, so once again it makes sense to shop things around from one book to the other. This will make sure that you do not miss any opportunities to make some additional money on props that may be unique to a particular online betting site.

Some savvy MLB bettors will allocate their entire baseball betting bankroll to betting team and player props and there are even some betting systems out there that do nothing but offer selection packages for MLB props. While committing to a prop betting system for an entire MLB regular season may not be practical given the overall volume of bets you would have to place to earn a decent return, signing on for the next few weeks could be a great way to capitalize on a much more compact MLB postseason.

The bottom line with betting on baseball this time of the year is to fully explore your options. Team and player props can be a very viable part of the plan while also adding a whole new level of excitement to the games.


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