Move Your Own NFL Betting Lines with Pay Per Head

The new NFL season heads into Week 4 and so far it has been a profitable start for several big offshore sportsbooks operating online with the underdogs cashing in at close to 60 percent against the spread. If you are an independent sports bookmaker trying to compete with this big online books then it is extremely important that your Pay Per Head site gives you the ability to move your own betting lines and change your offerings to best meet the needs of your individual business. It is also important that you can make these moves at no additional cost other than the weekly price per head fee you are paying for your active betting customers.

Depending on the size of your overall NFL betting base, a half point move here and there can sometimes mean the difference between a highly profitable week and a cash flow crunch. The ability to always monitor the daily action coming in can quickly tip you off as when it is time to make a line move on any NFL game. The early results have clearly been in the favor of teams getting points overall, but most times it has been a handful of games that have shifted most of the money one way or the other.

The ability to move your own lines is also vital to teasing the spread one way or the other when one side is taking in all the early action. Sometimes it does make sense to take a wait and see approach as a private bookie, especially if you believe that the bulk of your individual action has yet to be placed, but you still need the option with your Pay Per Head provider to make line moves at any given time of the day. You know your betting customers better than anyone and having real-time information on where your stand with any NFL game is the best way to stay way out in front of the action coming in.

Your also need a PPH service that can get you all the betting lines you need both fast and sharp right out of the gate. In order to successfully compete against the big online sportsbooks you need a wide variety of NFL betting options to keep any of your active betting customers from looking elsewhere to place a particular bet. By always having instant access to your betting board, you can make changes to your offerings as you see fit.

Constantly updating your NFL futures board is essential to stay in step with the early results and adding player and team props to each week’s games is an excellent way to build even more bottom-line profits. This is why you need the help of a quality Pay Per Head service when it comes to getting the right betting lines at the right numbers. It is tough to regroup from a bad line once it has been flooded with early action.

Too many private bookies look at their PPH service as simply a sports betting software provider as opposed to a true business partner that can provide the right sportsbook management tools. These tools can help you grow your overall customer base while also expanding bottom-line profits. Staying on top of things with the right analytics and business reports is what separates a successful independent sports bookmaker from someone who is always trying to work their way out of unwanted negative exposure. You should never underestimate just how important having the right price per head service can be to your business’s overall success.


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